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WINVIVO Wound Ointment Testimonials

Two Success Stories Together

"I am diabetic and has a toe turning black. My podiatrist treated it with Winvivo. Winvivo could remove the dead tissue and now the toe is nice pink and healing.

I also gave some of the ointment to my friend who has had 2 open heart surgeries and had a wound that had been infected and non-healing for 3 months no matter what they did. WINVIVO healed my friend's wound in 3 days! Did you guys know that you’ve got a miracle product? "

~Patient Anonymous

Ulcers Due to Kidney Failure

"My mother has kidney failure and has bloody ulcers on her back. Winvivo stopped the blooding and healed them in 3 days---like a miracle! Now she has got only soft pink tissue on the sites. I will order another jar for future use. Thank you so much! "

~Marina M

Your Pink Ointment

"It's a miracle, this stuff!! I want you to use my name as a true success story. My heel wounds have completely closed up within one week after 8 months of open sores unsuccessfully treated by my previous podiatrist. "

~William H.

Great Winvivo Success

"My team of doctors at our Advanced Wound Care Center has taken to using Winvivo for various hard to heal wounds and they have seen some great success. Just recently, we started a challenging patient on Winvivo because nothing else was working, and we began seeing some great healing! " 

~JC, Program Director

Recommended by Our UCSF Wound Care Specialist

"This was recommended by our UCSF wound care specialist and helped us heal a very refractory wound in a short amount of time. Highly recommended. But DO follow the instructions and apply the Winvivo to the BANDAGE, not to the wound. It is a very thick paste and if you try to apply it to the wound you may damage the wound! " 


My Swollen Joint Could Move Again

"Two weeks ago I hurt my right knee by hitting on a metal part. Boy—it was painful! My knee got so swollen and stiff that I couldn’t walk without suffering a lot of pain… My wife’s friend brought a jar of some WINVIVO Wound ointment, smeared a thick layer of the burgundy paste on my knee, and then bandaged it with a piece of gauze and tape… I kept the bandage on for 2 days, and to my surprise most of the swelling was gone and I could move my leg without much pain. I couldn’t believe it worked so fast!" [read more]

~Robert B.

Soothed the Sunburn on My Head

"I was bike-riding outside for about 6-7 hours and forgot to wear a hat. (I also don't have any hair on my head.) When I got back home, I got the worst sunburn. As I had used the WINVIVO Wound Ointment for other topical issues and it worked really well, I smeared the ointment on my head. In three days, my scalp was totally healed." [read more]

~Marcus G.

How Fast the Wound Healed!

"My wife has a bad habit: she always puts the knives facing up in the dish rack to dry. One day, I tried fetching a fork from the rack and the knife cut my finger. Ouch! It was pretty deep, but I didn’t need stitches. She freaked out when she saw the blood and immediately grabbed a WINVIVO Wound Ointment sample she just recently got… Next morning when I took off the bandage, I couldn’t believe what I saw: the cut was almost completely closed! " [read more]

~Larry D.

Cold Sore Disappeared Without Scar

"I have been battling with my cold sores for many years. I tried using high doses of B vitamin complex. It worked. But, with the dose I was using I experienced a bit of heart problem. I had to reduce the dosage but now my cold sores start to come back, especially when I am under a lot of stress. I discovered the WINVIVO Wound Ointment at the San Francisco Green Festival and used it for my big cold sore for the 3rd time: two on the top of my lips and one on the bottom." [read more]


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