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WINVIVO Wound Ointment Testimonials

Miracle Stuff

"WINVIVO is absolutely amazing. I have a diabetic skin ulcer on my right ankle that wasn't healing. After ruling out everything, including cancer, the Dr started treating the actual wound. We started with Aquacel and that worked wonderful and then once all the dead tissue was shed, then he suggested WINVIVO Wound Ointment. This stuff is absolutely amazing!!!! While it's still healing, the wound went from being bigger than a half dollar to almost quarter size in two weeks!! I love this stuff!!!. " 


Your Pink Ointment

"It's a miracle, this stuff!! A podiatric surgeon in San Diego first told us of it. As a patient whose wound couldn't successfully heal for a long time, I want you to use my name as a true success story. My heel wounds have completely closed up within one week after 8 months of open sores." 

~William Houston

Diabetic Foot Ulcer/BKA

"My partner has been using Winvivo for just 10 days on a diabetic foot ulcer and thanks to Winvivo the infection has gone and the wound is showing signs of healing! Amazing. I wish we had found this sooner. Unfortunately my partner has already endured multiple amputations of toes and some fingers, BKA for a non-healing ulcer on his left foot, after months in hospital and trying every UK NHS treatment available nothing worked for him at all. He is also a renal transplant patient, which adds to the complication of infection which he seemed to continually pick up and no matter the treatment it always resulted in amputation. We are still early days into the Winvivo treatment but we have been documenting and photographing the journey. There has been a decrease in wound size, reduced inflammation & swelling, eradicated the pain and burning sensation, infection cleared after just 2 days of use and most importantly you have given us a much needed lifeline - THANK YOU!." 

~Natalie J.

Healing Occurs with WINVIVO after No progress Made in Over a Year

"I am still in the process of working to heal a diabetic ulcer on the bottom of my big toe. Due to absolutely atrocious health insurance coverage, my doctor recommended a WINVIVO treatment as a potential solution.

When compared to other procedures, $140.00 is a very affordable alternative. I am now 2 months into the process, and the wound is about 1/2 the size of where it started. Progress was discernable within the first week.

It is especially hard for a wound in a high impact location such as the bottom of big toe to have the kind of peace required to heal quickly. I must be out and about for work daily and the WINVIVO still provides results.

The evidence is clear in my own case that WINVIVO has delivered as I had expected. I highly recommend. What would anyone with such a condition have to lose?" 

~S. D. Hechtman

Chemical Burns

"My husband has a chemical burn that had been non-responsive to any medication that his dermatologist gave him...Well, your product has it healed...it is beyond amazing to me...this stuff is absolutely beyond belief...we are out of the product, and we want to keep applying it for a while as the skin on the anterior foot is virgin and easily irritated with his work boots...Just wanted you to know how dramatic of a product you have. " 

~Marilyn, RN

Non-Healing Wound Post Radiation

"I had a non-healing ulcer (post radiation; breast cancer) for 3 months, spent a lot of money on antibiotic ointment/cream, and my wound became silver-dollar size w/ black necrotic tissue. After my plastic surgeon used WINVIVO ointment for only 2 weeks, the wound healed completely. " 

~Patient Anonymous

Foot Ulcer

"My Podiatrist has used Winvivo to help heal a wound on my foot, it's wonderful. It took 5 months but she and Winvivo did the trick." 

~Arthur I.

An Amazing Product!!!

"We used this for a pressure ulcer and it was amazing how soon the ulcer was healed
completely. "


I'm very grateful and overcome with joy!

"I have a bad wound under my right foot from falling. Size of half a dime, but it riotously hurts! Doctor gave me a month supply of antibiotics which I took three pills/day. Helped a bit, but not entirely. I was so depressed because I could barely transfer from my wheelchair to shower, use the toilet, sleep, etc.

I did a lot of research and found WINVIVO Wound Ointment. It helps with all kinds of wounds. I felt better after dressing the wound with it and wrapping with bandage/gauze; changed three days later and have noticed it healing. I had my doubts, but I'm glad because they do work. Everyone's healing process and body is different, but if you've tried everything to no avail hopefully these will help you. " 


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