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WINVIVO Wound Ointment Testimonials

Burn Wounds Finally Healed with WINVIVO

"After a serious burn on my wrist, I tried for 4 weeks with commercial burn ointments only to get worse each day. My daughter who worked in a hospital recommended WinVivo so I finally gave up and ordered it.

Within the first day my skin began to regroup and within a week I went from an open gooey wound to a nice red rash!"

~Bob F.

Difficult Wound Healed

"I just had a patient with a difficult wound that healed with WinVivo. Yeah!! I would recommend it to more of my patients. "

~Dr. JM

It Was the Only Thing that Worked

"My diabetic 87 year-old mother had a wound from a cyst on her buttocks and the wound care nurse gave us some of the WINVIVO ointment in the jar. It was the only thing that worked after 10 months of other wound treatments. "

~Anne R.

Healing Deep, Long, and Wide Open Wound Faster Than Other Agents

"We are very pleased to find that WINVIVO could heal a deep, long, wide open wound post marsupialization for treating hidradenitis suppurative. Based on our experiences the wound was healed much more quickly than would have occurred using other agents. " 

~Dr. DP

Wonderful Invention

"WINVIVO has saved my life. I was on the edge of depression when the wound clinic in my area suggested this product. What a miracle product. Now my wound is healing." 

~Mary W.

Tremendous Results

"We have had tremendous results with the use of Winvivo! One of our patients who has been on care for more two years with two stage 3 pressure ulcers to bilateral elbows and one stage 4 on her coccyx. She has had actual closure of both stage 3’s in that 4 months of use and getting close to closure on that tough stage 4. " 


Cleared up the deep cracks in my mom's skin !

"This ointment is the best! Helped my mom's deep cracks in her feet close up and she had new soft skin. Definitely recommend for all those who are suffering with challenging skin wounds. Yes, it is pricey, but well worth the price." 


Healing A Leg Burn Successfully

"Thank you for a wound healing product that worked almost magically!"

~Patient Anonymous .

Stage 4 Pressure Ulcer Healing

"One of our patients has a stage 4 pressure ulcer. Your WINVIVO ointment is the only thing that has worked for the patient."

~SHHC Home Heathcare

Hematoma Treated Non-Invasively

"One of our patients who is over 100 years old and had a hematoma on her ankle that could not sustain surgical treatment has now healed with WINVIVO in 2 months without surgery. WINVIVO autolytically debrided the necrotic tissue, and then healed up the shallow wound quickly. "

~Dr. MB

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