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WINVIVO Treatment Featured in Authoritative and Comprehensive Book in Rehabilitation and Wound Treatment
Silicon Valley, CALIFORNIA – January 22, 2014

Healing Challenging Wounds to Save Limbs — WinVivo Featured at
Diabetic Foot Global Conference (DFCon 2013)

Silicon Valley, CALIFORNIA – March 25, 2013

Unique Natural Topical Ointment Meets the Fast Growing Demand for Patient-Centric, Cost-Efficient Advanced Wound Healing & Prevention Products
Silicon Valley, CALIFORNIA - October 26, 2012

WinVivo Featured in Podiatry Today for Innovating Botanical Therapy for Challenging
Diabetic Foot Ulcers

Silicon Valley, CALIFORNIA - June 22, 2012

WinVivo Provides Innovative, Cost-Effective Tools to Advanced Wound Care Specialists at a
National Conference

Silicon Valley, CALIFORNIA - April 26, 2012

Meeting Challenges of the Global Pandemic of Diabetes — WinVivo Showcases Innovative Botanical Wound Healing Product at Diabetic Foot Global Conference
Silicon Valley, CALIFORNIA - March 22, 2012

WinVivo Won National Awards Again for Corporate Identity & Package Design
Silicon Valley, CALIFORNIA - December 29, 2011

Silicon Valley's WinVivo Synergizes Best from the East and West for Natural Health Benefits
Silicon Valley, CALIFORNIA - October 17, 2011

Cost-Effective Natural Products with Unique Efficacy — WinVivo Attracts Attention from Home Care and Hospice Professionals at a National Expo
Silicon Valley, CALIFORNIA - October 6, 2011

WinVivo’s Flagship Product—the Healing Balm Wins Prestigious National Package Design Award
Sunnyvale, CALIFORNIA - August 26, 20011

Shared Passion for Harnessing the Healing Power of Plants: WinVivo Meets the Health Needs of Indian American Communities
Silicon Valley, CALIFORNIA - August 15, 2011

LifeLong Medical Care Welcomes WinVivo to Educate about Natural Health
Silicon Valley, CALIFORNIA - August 6, 2011

WinVivo Addresses Seniors' Healthcare Needs at The Forum's Health Fair
Silicon Valley, CALIFORNIA - June 4, 2011

WinVivo CEO Speaks at Stanford's US-Asia Technology Management Center
Silicon Valley, CALIFORNIA – April 19, 2011

Blending Nature with Science: WinVivo's CEO Speaks at the Bio2Device Forum
Silicon Valley, CALIFORNIA – February 22, 2011

Dr. Shirley Chen Speaks at Stanford Medical School's Prevention Research Center
Stanford, CALIFORNIA – November 18, 2010

Dr. Shirley Chen Speaks at Stanford Conference-Investing in Knowledge from Asia Stanford, CALIFORNIA - November 19, 2009

WINVIVO Wound Ointment: 
Multi-Functional Botanical Therapy

Clinical Studies

  • Difficult-to-Heal Wounds

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