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WINVIVO Wound Ointment Testimonials

Great product!

"I was amazed at the results of this product. I would recommend it highly. Increases healing rapidly, my Dr. had recommended it to me."


Healed My Foot Ulcer Beautifully (Warning: Graphic Clinical Images Included)

"I wanted to inform you the diabetic foot ulcer on my toe has healed beautifully. Although it took some time, I am convinced Winvivo was extremely helpful and an integral catalyst of my recovery. As a result, I ordered two more jars to have “on hand” in case a future need arises." [read more]

~Patient Anonymous

I Cannot Believe How Fast My Ulcers Healed

" Recently I enrolled into a vascular surgery clinic and underwent revascularization there. The doctors there dressed my foot ulcer with Winvivo ointment. A week later when the dressing was changed at the clinic, the nurse was stunned to find that the wound bed was already half-filled w/ granulation tissue." [read more]

~Patient Anonymous

Performing as It Shows

"The product has healed a deep wound of a diabetic patient. I would highly recommend it to any diabetic patient." [read more]

~Dr. Igor

Long-Term Toe Ulcers Finally Healed

"My doctor who has tried previously to treat my ulcer with other wound dressings was delighted that Winvivo made a big difference!" [read more]

~Patient Anonymous

Slow Healing Wounds

"In our wound clinic we have started using Winvivo wound ointment not only for diabetic foot ulcers but on other types of slow healing wounds. The results have been fantastic." [read more]

~Dr. FS


"I have been using the Winvivo Wound Ointment for a full 3 weeks now, w/ dressing change every 3 days. This morning at the nursing clinic, the nurse who had not seen the wound for a week was totally amazed at the transformation!" [read more]

~Patient Anonymous

Amazing cream!

"I really hope that people who have eczema hear about and try this cream. From a person who really suffered from this I can say from the bottom of my heart that this stuff works!!!! " [read more]

~Yuliya G.

Pleased w/ Clinical Results

"We have been pleased with the results of Winvivo we were seeing, and the patients love the idea of a natural dressing. Thanks for sending some samples also...they are like gold to us." [read more]

~Dr. JM

Heals injuries super fast!

"I have had painful shin splints from gymnastics, and when I use this product during my sleep, I am able to exercise without any pain the next day. This ointment is so versatile and heals any injuries faster than I have ever experienced!" [read more]

~Michelle Y.

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