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WINVIVO Wound Ointment Testimonials

Wounds w/ Skin Grafts

"My husband's feet are 30 years past 5 skin graft operations and he is not diabetic. WINVIVO is the only product that, with time, will close any wound. It's incredible. Even the wound care center couldn't do the job but I pulled my husband out of the weekly scraping, started back in with the Winvivo treatment by daily changing the dressings and he recovered his skin. We gave an amputee friend a sample of Winvivo and it cured 2 of the 3 wound sites. Thank you thank you thank you ! Worth every penny. Important- The depth of the ointment application isn't the important. It must cover the entire area to keep it from oxygen and the elements." 

~Susan H.

Awesome Product

"I bought this for my son's foot ulcer. My son loves it and it seems to be working! " 

~Karen W.

So Very Pleased, Probably Won't Have Skin Grafting After All!!!

"Been fighting w/health ins. for a skin grafting, but this product is truly amazing as to its healing properties! Started almost a month ago, and the width of my open wound was 1 3/4 ' now its 1 1/8', & the length was 2 3/4', now its 2'." 

~Patient Anonymous

Thankful to Have Found This Product

"This would ointment was amazing. It was easy to use and provided great relief to some injuries my husband sustained." 


This is the best stuff ever!

"I have two wounds that haven't healed for 2 years, even when I went to the wound clinic. After a few weeks, one is almost 100% healed and the large one is getting a lot better. I just need a few more weeks of treatment. I highly recommend this to anyone who has wounds that won't heal."

~Janine C.


"My father had a severe puncture wound foot infection from his diabetes and we thought he was going to die as his church doesn't use any doctors. He agreed to use natural products if I could find them. This stuff healed him up miraculously. Highly recommended.


The Best Wound Ointment

"This salve has been the only therapy that worked for my father-in-law for his non-healing wounds from friable skin caused by age (91 yrs) and coumadin, etc. It works for everything from razor burn and cuts to larger wounds. Its color is sufficiently close to my skin color that I use it on my face and lips as needed. I also used it after minor skin surgeries." 

~Cheryl M.

This is a Great Product

" This is a great product I would buy it again." 

~Karen W.

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WINVIVO Wound Ointment: 
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