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Healing Coco's Infected Wound

Our customers have been sharing their stories with us about how our products are changing their lives.  We were delighted to hear from a family who found the WINVIVO Wound Ointment to be the answer to their pet's painful infected wound.


We’d like to introduce you to Coco and Lily.  Their family tells us they are very loved even though they misbehave. Coco is smart and energetic and loves to provoke Lily into a good fight in the backyard.

One day the Coco’s human Dad found Coco shivering. Looking closer through the little dog’s curly hair he found a bad wound. The family had no idea it had been there and rushed Coco directly to her vet. The wound was quite large (~20mm x 20mm), and deep (~3mm), and already infected.

Because the wound was infected, the edema and erythema caused so much pain for Coco that she would not allow the vet to shave her.  After administering anesthesia, the vet was able to shave Coco's hair around the wound and debride it. 

The vet gave Coco a systemic antibiotic shot to treat the infection and recommended that the family keep the wound dry and allow it to heal naturally.  

Worried about Coco’s deep, painful wound, the family wanted to do something about it.  A relative had told them that she had used WINVIVO Wound Ointment for a burn wound on her hand, and that it worked like a charm.

The family decided to try the balm on Coco.  After reading all of the information on WinVivo’s web site, they were even more convinced.

The mom smeared a thick layer of the balm on a piece of gauze to make a dressing, applied the dressing to her wound, and bandaged it.  

They had to use an “Elizabethan” collar to keep Coco from tearing away the bandage and scratching the wound. Every day, the family changed the dressing and applied the balm to the wound.

The most challenging for the family was to keep the bandage on her  and her head within the collar. The collar worked well after they got it secured to her head.

Here are photos showing the healing process starting from the very beginning.

Day 0
The vet cleaned
the wound

Eight hours later,
to the distress of the family,
Coco tore off the bandage
when they were not watching! 

Day 1.5
Securing the collar, Coco’s wound already looks much less inflamed.


Day 3
Coco’s wound is healing beautifully with no infection!

Day 3.5
Coco managed to tear off the cone collar and bandage, and scratched her wound bloody.

Day 6
After Coco’s family figured out how to keep the cone properly secured, Coco’s wound started to heal rapidly and smoothly.

The family found that the WINVIVO Wound Ointment can keep the wound moist, clear infection, and prevent scab formation.


Day 8.5
Coco’s wound was almost healed and she got used to be bandaged.

Day 14
Coco’s wound healed!

Day 21

Coco’s healthy new skin

Coco’s  family thanked WinVivo for the speedy recovery of their beloved pet.

Coco and Lily are back to playing and misbehaving!

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