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WINVIVO Wound Ointment Testimonials

Stage 4 Pressure Ulcer

"I had a stage four pressure ulcer on my elbow. This ointment helps to heal my wound in two months. Thank you so much! " 

~Michael H.

A "Miracle" Wound Cream!

"After a nasty fall, my face was badly lacerated. A friend suggested WINVIVO wound cream, and after less than a week, the cuts were healed leaving no scars. This is a "miracle" product....highest recommendation! Buy to keep in your medicine cabinet (as crucial as Band-aids!)." 

~Marjorie S.

Sebaceous Cyst

"At the end of last August, my wife had a sebaceous cyst removed from the middle of her upper back resulting in a post-surgical wound roughly oval and approximately 4 cm long and 2.5 cm wide. Over a period of seven months, three physicians in succession labored with no or limited success to get the wound to heal: the family practitioner that removed the cyst, a general surgeon, and finally a 'wound specialist.' The job was made more difficult by the drugs my wife takes to control her rheumatoid arthritis, but which counteracts a normal healing process.

The wound specialist, a plastic surgeon, had the approach of scraping the surface of the lesion once a week to re-stimulate the body's normal healing progression (which had basically given up trying). While there seemed to be some small decrease in the wound's size and depth, the doc estimated, at the end of one month of her treatment regimen, that it would take 2 to 5 additional months, with a skin graft as a last resort. Perhaps in some desperation, she recommended that my wife try WINVIVO, an over-the-counter concoction another patient had brought to her attention. We were directed to apply the paste onto a piece of gauze which was then to be pressed onto the wound and bandaged over. The dressing and WINVIVO were to be changed every two days after irrigating the wound with sterile saline wound wash (available in any drug store).

I was skeptical at first. However, four weeks after the initial application, the wound has closed completely. The plastic surgeon and her staff are themselves amazed, and my wife and I are here to testify that, for us, it's a miracle of healing after an 8-month ordeal. " 

~Vince V.

Amazing Product!

"This product is amazing! My face got burnt by hot oil when I was cooking, and it hurt so much. After putting the ointment on the wound for only 24 hours, I can feel and see my skin was recovering; what surprised me is that, it only took 48 hours for the skin to heal 100%! Highly recommend this ointment with nature ingredients to everyone. It works so well and it's truly amazing!" 


Open Wound on Heel

"This all natural ointment is amazing. I highly recommend it for any cut or wound. My podiatrist has me using it on an open wound on my heel. It is closing very well. " 

~Native Cal.

Removal of Deep Splinter

"This was the most painless extraction of a splinter for me! The splinter had gone deep and very painful, and even my wife couldn't remove it w tweezers!

With a Band-Aid, it was at risk of getting infected. Next day, my wife and I decided to try out Winvivo. She applied it to my finger topically - like any other cream. We covered it with a Band-Aid. After 12 hours, we removed the Band-Aid, and cleaned the wound. Some Winvivo had penetrated thru the skin. By the next morning, there was a neat little scar tissue and the splinter came off. No infection, No pain at all!

It was THAT simple! " 


Finger Injury

"Ten days ago my finger was injured by a smashing car door, deeply torn and the nail was half detached from the nail bed. As I was carrying the WINVIVO cream w me and immediately applied the ointment to the wound. A week later the wound almost healed, and my family physician couldn't believe his eyes!"


Such an Effective Product


~Keil E.

It Works Awesome, and Will Use It Again Perhaps if I ...

"It works Awesome, and will use it again perhaps if I get another wound." 

~Andy H.

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