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Clinical Case Reports


Case 1E
Male, Age 38

Surgical repair of fractured left clavicle; Wound dehiscence after suture removal; Wound failed to heal for over a month
Treated with WINVIVO Wound Ointment w/ wound packing & outer dressing until wound bed filled in w/ granulation tissue (Day 8), then dressed with/ WINVIVO Wound Ointment on gauze as primary dressing; Dressing changed every 2 days
Complete wound closure after

Case 2E
Male, Age 43
Surgical removal of a steel plate implant post tibia bone fracture a year ago led to a necrotic, non-healing wound extending to the bone for over a month. Free flap grafting was subsequently performed but graft failed to take, leaving necrotic wound bed w/ perfuse malodor for over 5 months. Wound size: 80 mm x 40 mm.
Clean & dress wound w/ WINVIVO Wound Ointment on gauze; Dressing changed every 2 days
Complete wound closure after
5 weeks

Wounds cleansed w/ hydrogen

peroxide & saline; No surgical

debridement; Applied WINVIVO to

gauze and dressed wounds.

Necrotic tissue autolytically debrided

w/ WINVIVO and sloughed off w/

dressing change.

WINVIVO Wound Ointment: 
Multi-Functional Botanical Therapy

Clinical Studies

  • Difficult-to-Heal Wounds

Clinical Case Reports


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