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WINVIVO Wound Ointment Testimonials

My Doctor Calls It “The Save of the Century” (Warning: Graphic Clinical Images Included)

"I had an emergency surgery for the left foot due to blood clots. During my stay in the hospital my foot and ankle surgeon introduced me to the WinVivo. He began using the WinVivo ointment on my foot area and allowed me to continue to use it at home daily. It only took 4 months for my foot to heal. My doctor called my situation 'the save of the century'—being able to keep my leg." [read more]

~Patient Anonymous

Healed Up My Surgical Wound Fast

" I just wanted to say—your healing balm works great. My doctors at UCSF and their student staff, all active duty US NAVY Captains in the Medical Corps, use it and know it works. Really it is the best thing to have on a wound—this I know from having it applied daily to heal up a surgical wound (all of the toes on my left foot were amputated), and the wound healed up fast. There was no infection." [read more]

~Patient Anonymous

WINVIVO Healed Severe Bruises from Car Accident, Fast (Images Included)

"My husband and I were in a car accident… On the day of the accident, my arm didn't look that bad: there were just some scrapes and a little bruising. However, 2 days later, my arm was all blue and purple. It was very painful to move my arm… After 4 days of applying WINVIVO to my arm I couldn't believe it—almost all of the bruises went away!" [read more]

~Sarah K

Our “Operation Bedsore” Program

"In our home healthcare agency we have a program called 'Operation Bedsore.' As soon as a bedsore develops, we would start the treatment at the speed of a military operation and with 24 hour care. When we learned about WINVIVO Wound Ointment's amazing efficacy in healing chronic wounds, we ordered it immediately. After our agency’s wound care specialist learned about the correct way to apply a thick layer of the ointment to the ulcers, the patient responded very well and the bedsore healed up nicely." [read more]

~Mike C., Home Healthcare Agency Owner

This Stuff Works!

"I bought this for my Dad to use for an open diabetic ulcer he has had on the bottom of his foot for about the past 6 years…. I spoke with my mom a few weeks ago and after approximately a month of using the ointment on the area, she says that the wound is actually healing from the inside out… After seeing my dad dealing with this for 6 years now, I am willing to pay the higher price to get something that actually works. " [read more]

~Kevin M.

Painful Cracked Fingers Healed Quickly

"At the end of the job, my thumbs dried up, cracked and the skin split. I was in extreme pain, and I could not even sleep. I tried Neosporin, I tried everything to take the pain away, just so that I could sleep. A friend’s wife gave me this wonderful WINVIVO Wound Ointment, which seemed to heal the cracks immediately. I put it on under a band-aid. It took only 2 days, with just 2 applications, to heal them completely." [read more]

~Val D.

WINVIVO Healed My Long-Standing, Deep & Painful Heel Fissures (Cracked Heels)
(Images included)

"For 4 years I have had heel fissures that were deep and very painful, sometimes even bleeding. I had my wife apply the WinVivo Ointment to the cracked areas and then covered it with Saran plastic wrap. We repeated the same for 12 days, until the pain was completely gone and the skin lesions were completely healed. " [read more]

~George M.

WINVIVO Healed My Leg Ulcers Fast

"I have had varicose veins for many years, and I always wear compression stockings. The last 15-16 years I have had leg ulcers multiple times. In the past, my podiatrist tried different things on my ulcers, but they did not heal as fast as this time with the WINVIVO Wound Ointment. It definitely helped me. " [read more]

~Patient Anonymous

Tears of Senior’s Fragile Skin Healed by WINVIVO

"My father-in-law (age 87) has a pacemaker, and is on various drugs including Coumadin. His skin is very thin and fragile due to age and long term use of the blood-thinning drugs. He is constantly bruised and has frequent tears which bleed… My wife and I convinced my father-in-law to use a diluted version of the WinVivo ointment with plant oil so it can be spread easily on his dry skin. There was a spectacular improvement when we saw him a week later. " [read more]

~A grateful couple

Eczema between fingers

"Tried WINVIVO Wound Ointment on my eczema between fingers. Never had used anything that really worked. This did and I was amazed. " [read more]

~J from HB, CA

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