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Tears of Senior’s Fragile Skin Healed by WINVIVO

My father-in-law (age 87) has a pacemaker, and is on various drugs including Coumadin. His skin is very thin and fragile due to age and long term use of the blood-thinning drugs. He is constantly bruised and has frequent tears which bleed.

Last time on a routine visit to his cardiologist, the doctor ripped off the ECG adhesive lead and made a huge wound on his arm. It would not heal with various topicals and bandages.

My wife and I convinced my father-in-law to use a diluted version of the WinVivo ointment with plant oil so it can be spread easily on his dry skin. There was a spectacular improvement when we saw him a week later. In less than 2 weeks his wound is substantially healed.


—A grateful couple

WINVIVO Wound Ointment: 
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