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WINVIVO Healed My Long-Standing, Deep & Painful Heel Fissures
(Cracked Heels)

For 4 years I have had heel fissures that were deep and very painful, sometimes even bleeding. I myself and my wife are both physicians, so we have tried everything we could get to treat my condition. I would usually remove dead skin after a bath and then apply various ointments, but they did not work very well. A friend told us about WinVivo. Immediately, I had my wife apply the WinVivo Ointment to the cracked areas and then covered it with Saran plastic wrap. We repeated the same for 12 days, until the pain was completely gone and the skin lesions were completely healed. WinVivo solved my long standing problem. We are very impressed by its efficacy and ease of use.

—George M.






WINVIVO Wound Ointment: 
Multi-Functional Botanical Therapy

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  • Difficult-to-Heal Wounds

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