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Shared Passion for Harnessing the Healing Power of Plants: WinVivo Meets the Health Needs of Indian American Communities

Silicon Valley, CALIFORNIA – August 15, 2011

In honor of India’s Independence, the Federation of Indian Associations (FIA) of Northern California, celebrated with a 3 day event in Fremont from August 12 to 14 with a parade, music, dance competition, food and health fair. The FIA consists of over 40 local organizations who engage in every aspect of the community. According to Dr. Romesh Japra, MD, president of the FIA, organizing this annual festival is intended to enhance the understanding and appreciation of the culture, the arts, the music and foods of the Indian American community and allow the communities to further strengthen the bonds with each other. The organizers reported approximately 70,000 people came through this year’s festival.

The second day of the event included a free health fair where the WinVivo booth quickly became the center of attention for visitors who were looking for natural healthcare. Four WinVivo products took stage as the WinVivo team offered samples of Botano Throat, Botano Guard, Immune Rebalancer and the very popular WinVivo Healing Balm.

Many visitors, included Silicon Valley engineers and their parents, visited the WinVivo booth and expressed appreciation of WinVivo's innovative approach to natural health maintenance and promotion. Deeply rooted in the Asian tradition of using food as medicine and Indian Ayurvedic Medicine, the first and second generations of Indian immigrants are eager to explore the healing power of plants and naturally identify with WinVivo's East-West fusion of healthcare philosophy.

The WinVivo booth attracted visitors who were interested in maintaining their health as well as those who were concerned with chronic conditions such as allergies, autoimmune problems, and skin conditions. A large portion of the attendees were knowledgeable and educated about the uses of natural botanicals and preferred the natural approach to disease prevention and treatment. Physicians who volunteered at the Health Fair by providing health screening such as blood sugar tests, eye examination and cardiovascular screening also stopped by the booth to talk to the WinVivo team about the growing demand by their patients to use natural remedies.

The WinVivo team is grateful to the organizers for the invitation and looks forward to participating again at the 20th FIA Celebration in 2012.

About WinVivo

WinVivo is an innovative natural health care company based in Silicon Valley. Its international team of biomedical professionals combines the best from the East and West to develop highly efficacious advanced skin and wound care products from botanicals with their health benefits demonstrated over centuries of use in Asia and such functions further validated by modern scientific and clinical research.

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