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The Ointment Healed a Weird Cyst on My Forehead

I have been using the WINVIVO Wound Ointment for cuts and scrapes and very happy with the results. What happened about 4 weeks ago has made me into a total WinVivo follower.

I woke up one morning and found a cyst on my forehead in my hairline. It was the size of a pea and was slightly painful when I touched it. It was not an open sore but it was big enough that I was obsessed with getting it off my body.

Thinking I would for sure have to go to the doctors, I thought why not try the WINVIVO Wound Ointment first since it seems to be able to heal all kinds of skin sores. After searching online, reading the literature and talking to the scientists at WinVivo, I decided to see if the balm’s anti-inflammatory, healing properties that everyone was raving about were true.

I dabbed a thick layer of the balm on the pea-sized cyst on my forehead and did not cover it as my hair band could hide the balm patch. Every day after I took a shower, with the balm washed away I just re-applied a fresh new patch of the ointment on the spot and went on with my life.

In a week, I noticed that the top of the skin on the cyst was getting a little caked. A week and a half later the size of the cyst was reduced by half. The edges were shrinking and then starting to fall off, like a scab!

Slowly the cyst became smaller and smaller and the outer part of the cyst would flake off each day a bit more and more. In 3 weeks, the entire cyst was completely gone. There was nothing there, the skin was back to normal. There was no opening, just a bump!

I don’t know how it does it, but I love this ointment from WinVivo. I would not leave home without carrying a small jar of it in my purse.

—Georgia D.

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