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Surprisingly Painless Healing of My "Barbecued" Fingers

A couple of weeks ago I burned my fingers on the first day of using my newly-bought BBQ grill in an evening party at home. All of the fingers on my right hand fell into intense pain after grabbing the metal handle that I didn’t stop to realize was incredibly hot. The skin on my 5 fingers looked and felt as if it were melting, leaving blotted deep red burns.

After hearing my yell of pain and surprise, my mom rushed to get the WINVIVO Wound Ointment and smeared a thick layer onto 5 pieces of gauze, and then wrapped them over my burned fingers. She then used bandages to keep the gauze in place. At this point my fingers were in a great amount of pain that persisted till I fell asleep about 4 hours later.

However, the next morning I woke up with my bandaged fingers feeling surprisingly fine. Apart from being a bit numb, the pain was gone. I took off the bandages and found just minor red blistering, the biggest covering only about ¼ of an inch.

About 24 hours after burning all of my fingers, I actually spent 30 minutes at my work scrubbing dishes in hot water with my right hand. At no point did I feel any pain or disturbance in my fingers. From this first day after the burn, my fingers continued to heal surprisingly fast and by the end of the first week the numbness had gone away completely.

Today, two weeks later, the blistering is barely visible, although the blistering was never bad or large to begin with. I am convinced my lack of pain and rapid recovery was due to the WINVIVO Wound Ointment which was only used one time, 5 minutes within burning my fingers. I know your Ointment is used a lot for chronic sores, but I am thankful my Mom keeps it in our medicine cabinet at home for the little things that happen in life. Thank you, WinVivo!

—Eric Z.

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