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An Eye Stye Disappeared in 3 Days

I had a stye inside my lower eyelid, and it had been bothering me for a week. I went to see my eye doctor who wanted to prescribe an antibiotic. I asked her about the side effects of the drug. She printed out a scary 4-page document.

I figured that I would not risk my life for this little eyesore. When I talked to a close friend of mine and showed her the stye, she said that I could try using the WINVIVO Wound Ointment that has been used by many for all kinds of skin sores. Not wanting to put anything inside my eyelid, I just put the balm on the skin of my eyelid and let it stay overnight. Next day my eye was feeling better and I noticed that the sore looked much smaller, less inflamed, and then the sore was completely gone 2 days later. I proudly showed my friend the inside of my eyelid and thanked her for helping me solving this problem without using antibiotics.

—Nancy D.

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