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Strategic Advisory Board

Richard B. Dasher, Ph.D. - Strategist in Global Academic Alliance &
US-Asia Technology Collaboration

At Stanford University, Dr. Dasher has been Director of the US-Asia Technology Management Center since 1994 and has served concurrently as Executive Director of the Center for Integrated Systems since 1998. He holds Consulting Professor appointments at Stanford in the Departments of Electrical Engineering (technology management), Asian Languages (Japanese business), and at the Asia-Pacific Research Center for his work with the Stanford Program on Regions of Innovation and Entrepreneurship.
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Sandy Dhuyvetter – Expert in Media, Marketing, and Branding
Sandy has over 30 years of marketing and branding experience working around the world as an ambassador of travel, culture and healthy lifestyle. As an award winning writer, radio talk show host and film maker Sandy has played an important role in building cultural bridges around the world by promoting the exchange of information and education. [read more]

Ellen Lapham, MBA – Expert on Technology Entrepreneurship and Corporate Management and Strategy
Ellen Lapham is a serial entrepreneur in high technology who has extensive experience in management and corporate strategy. She has advised many early stage companies and raised over $10 million in seed and growth funding and has successfully led venture-funded companies in transition and turnaround. The companies she advised on included a very young Apple Computer on their PR and market strategy. She founded a pioneering digital music firm, Syntauri Corporation; and counseled founders of groundbreaking computer products firms on market building tactics. Today she advises founders and entrepreneurs on actions for success. She was honored by the US State Department and the Small Business Administration for her leadership in building and growing a US-based business with a high degree of international sales around the globe. [read more]

David J. Weitz, J.D. – Strategist in Life Science Business Transactions
Mr. Weitz is a seasoned attorney with extensive experiences in corporate business transactions and technology licensing in strategic alliances between pharmaceutical and biotech companies in the US, EU and Japan. [read more]

Anurag Mairal, Ph.D., MBA – Strategist in Biomedical R&D Global Partnership
Dr. Mairal is the Director of Stanford University's Global Biodesign Exchange Programs, the Associate Director of Stanford-India Biodesign program, as well as Senior Advisor to Singapore-Stanford Biodesign Director. In these roles, Dr. Mairal is responsible for developing an extensive global network of partners from the industry, academia, regulatory bodies, and investors in Asia and in the US. In addition, Dr. Mairal is a serial entrepreneur. He is currently Executive Vice President at Orbees Medical, a new venture that he co-founded and that provides consulting services to the medical device industry in the U.S. and Europe and market development services in India. The venture relies heavily on highly trained clinicians and qualified vendors in India, Singapore, and China. Dr. Mairal advises a number of startups in the San Francisco Bay Area and serves on the boards of six for-profit and non-profit organizations. [read more]

Hong Yang, Ph.D. – Strategist in International Sourcing, Industrial Alliance, and Governmental Relationship
Dr. Yang brings in unique experience in facilitating multilateral collaborations of academic institutes with governmental entities and corporate partners. Built upon the solid foundation of academic research and administration, combined with his more recent global outsourcing experience, Dr. Yang has established an extensive network of international relations crossing multiple industrial sectors, as well as in local and central government of China.  [read more]

James T. Caldwell, Ph.D. – Strategist in Global Green Energy Alliance and Sustainable Farming
Dr. Caldwell, Founder of Pacific Rim Connections, Inc., was the first editor of the Unicode Standard (ISO10646) for multilingual information exchange. He was VP for Multilingual Technology at Ion Global US, and is President of E3 Regenesis Solutions, Inc., where he specializes in building green energy alliances and energy systems integration for Eco-cities and sustainable neighborhoods. [read more]

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