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Rapid Healing of a Diabetic’s Surgical Wound on the Big Toe

About 40 years ago I had a car accident, where my left big toenail was crushed. Recently a podiatrist removed the crooked nail all together with its root, then she applied some acid over and instructed me to soak the toe in salt water twice a day for 20 minutes until the wound stops draining a clear liquid. I was doing it for 3 weeks religiously, but the wound was still not closed and even started to have some green puss.

When I heard about the WINVIVO Wound Ointment, I immediately applied a good dub of it over the toe, changed the dressing once a day after taking a shower. Only 3 days later all the puss and redness were gone, and the wound healed!

This herbal stuff worked for me, and by the way, I do have type 2 diabetes.

— Andy L.

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