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Better than Polysporin for My Toe Injury

I love working at home in bare feet and casual clothes but recently found a serious downside. As I was sitting at my home computer, I pulled my chair over the heavy plastic floor mat to reach a file. I did not realize I was pulling my entire weight on the chair with my bare foot bracing on the edge of the mat until I felt the mat edge cut deep into my big toe. It bled profusely from a large flap of flesh, from the side to the back of the toe. It probably needed stitches but I decided to try the new WINVIVO Wound Ointment that I had just gotten and heard that it has amazing healing qualities for very serious wounds or traumatic skin conditions. I covered the wound with the Ointment (which looks like a delicious chocolate mousse) and bandaged it. After a couple of days I was amazed at the way the wound closed and began healing. My husband could not believe it happened without stitches and within less than a week the cut was a minor line on my toe. Usually, I would be nursing such a cut with alcohol and Polysporin for a couple of weeks or more to see that kind of healing. After that experience, this Wound Ointment is definitely a staple in my medicine cabinet.

—Heather F.

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